Vilbert von Vampire is a character from 8-Bit Theater. He is the goth son of Lich von Vampire. He is a fan of Live action role-play and poetry, first seen asking his friend Sulk for his Cure albums. In his first encounter with The Light Warriors, Vilbert thought they were sent to play NPCs at a LARP game, and in a "practice game", Black Mage stabs him in the face and Fighter hits him with a cow stabbed in a piece of fence (confusing "wooden stake" with "wood in steak"), before the Light Warriors crush him with the Armoire of Invincibility. But Vilbert later recovers and joins Garland and the Dark Warriors. A fellow Dark Warrior, Bikke used to complain about Vilbert because he refused to do the dishes. He was briefly part of "The Universe Obeys Arbitrary Laws Party" along with Cleric, Red Mage Statscowski, and Fighter McWarrior.

Most recently, he's been seen greeting his newly revived father, much to Drizz'l's dismay.

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