Warbot in Accounting
That fax machine had it coming
That fax machine had it coming
Fax Machine
Date Published Saturday, March 28th, 2009
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Warbot is told to fax some files.

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Boss Warbot, I'm going to be in meetings all day. I need you to fax these invoices.
They'll send a reply, just put it on my desk. Okay?
Warbot is motionless.
Boss Good.
The boss puts the invoices on the filing cabinet. Warbot picks up the invoices with its grabber-arm and moves towards the fax machine on the desk. Warbot looks at the fax machine. At 3:12 PM it drops the invoices onto the fax machine and stays overnight. The next morning a worker walks in.
Worker Oh, Warbot. Getting an early start?

(out of frame) Don't forget to press 9!

Warbot stares at the fax machine and then smashes it with its grabber arm.


  • This is the only Warbot in Accounting comic which does not have a colon (:) in the title.