Warbot in Accounting
In any other genre, there'd be a "Dun, dun, dun."
In any other genre, there'd be a "Dun, dun, dun."
Online Dating Service
Date Published Wednesday, April 15, 2009
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Warbot may not have been built for raising children either.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Office Cafeteria
  • X-017's home
  • A Café
  • A park
  • A movie theater
  • Outside Shack of Radios


Vince shows a Female Employee a camera picture of his child.
Female Employee Aww, lookit him. He's got your eyes.
Vince (holding his glasses) Poor kid!
A few other employees show up.
Female Employee How's Sam holding up?
Vince She's good. But she already wants to go back to work. That place would fall apart without her.
Female Employee I can't believe they haven't fired her boss.
Vince Hey, I know it. Maybe with her gone a couple of weeks they'll have to.
Dark-skinned Employee Oh-ho! Is this Vince Jr.?
Vince Michael, actually.
Plump Employee Raising a child is the most challenging thing in the world. But it's also the most rewarding.
Balding Employee They really do make all of this worth it. You're a lucky man.
From a distance, a lone Warbot overhears their conversation...
That night, Warbot sets up a profile at, its name being X-017 and its age 7. The rest are incoherent, jumbled text.
One week later...
Warbot checks its messages back at the office. The message onscreen reads...
Hi. I'm Angela. I've never used one of these services before so I'm a little embarrassed lol :-) but you don't sound like all the other guys I meet...I work in marketing so I run into alot of scumbags lolol...Let's grab some lunch later this week...unless you're a stealth scumbag!!! ;-p
It goes into a little montage, where Warbot meets three girls, all of who were unimpressed by him. The first one he meets at a cafe, the second at the movie theater, and the third at the park.
Warbot deletes its profile...
Warbot buys a cart of supplies at Shack of Radios and that night, attempts to build itself a child. Loud, grating sounds are heard.
Robot Child (lying on a wastebasket) Daddy? I'm scared, Daddy.

It's so dark, Daddy.
(fading) So daaaaaark.
A few days later, there was a Bring Your Daughter To Work Day in the workplace. All the other employees brought their children with them, except Warbot, who continued to sit alone in its table...


  • Atomic Robo makes a cameo appearance in a calendar photo in Warbot's cubicle, and in a movie poster in the movie theater.
  • The dates with Angela, Sophia and Kristin would later appear in episodes 006, 007 and 008 respectively.