Warbot in Accounting
Ooh, a birthday party!
Ooh, a birthday party!
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Date Published Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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It's Warbot's Birthday!

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Warbot is inside a shop called PhedEx Cincos. He goes to a man behind a counter
Assistant Hello sir. What can I help you with today?
Warbot looks at the employee.
A flahback occurs to earlier in the day. there is a knock on the door and Warbot answers it. All his workmates are here.
Blonde Man 1 Happy birthday man!
Balding Man We got your invitations, the gang's all here!
The gang walk in. Some are holding presents.
Blonde Man 2 We know, we know. You specifically said no presents.
Brunette Lady But we couldn't help ourselves!
Cut to another room where there is a large crowd. Several employees are placing presents on the table.
Balding Man Oh man. There's no way we're going to fit everyone in here.
Several photos show.

The first photo is of Warbot and an employee laughing.

The second shows Warbot and the employees dancing.

The third shows two females with Warbot.

The fourth shows Warbot with his birthday cake.

Cut back to PhedEx Cincos. Warbot has his eye shut.
Assistant (out of frame) Sir?
Assistant You're going to have to speak up if you need something.
Time passes for two frames. The PhedEx employee is visibly getting frustrated.
Assistant Sir?
Assistant I'm sorry, but you're holding up the line.
Another frame passes and Warbot leaves the shop.
Cut back to Warbot's home. Warbot is on his own with a birthday hat on his head.


  • PhedEx is most likely a play on the FedEx logistics services company.