Warbot in Accounting
Warbot 007
Problem: depression. Solution: movie.
Date Published Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
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It's important to learn early in the relationship which hobbies aren't good for the couple.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • X-017
  • Sophia
  • Other movie-goers


  • Movie theater


BoyDaaad. I can't see the moooovie.
FatherThis is what happens when you put a Democrat in the White House.
(to X-017) Excuse me, but my son can't see the movie.
X-017 loudly retracts his gun arm.
FatherYou've got to be kidding me.
Sir? Sir!
Excuse me, but I didn't pay to not see the movie.
SophiaY'know, maybe we should go. I heard this movie's dumb anyway.
X-017 gets up and begins to walk to the end of the aisle.
Person 1Hey, c'mon!
Person 2Down in front!
Person 3I'm tryin' to watch the movie here!
Person 4Oh God, my foot!
Person 5AUGH!
Person 6Sweet Jesus, Why!
Outside the theater, people with broken feet are being wheeled away.
Person 5Oh God, oh God, it's hanging! Just hanging!
Paramedic..."Never" is such a harsh word. Maybe it'll only be almost never walk again?
SophiaUm. You're a great guy and everything, but I don't think this is going to work out.
X-017 crushes his popcorn bucket.


  • The movie being watched is Atomic Robo. Accordingly, X-017's tie features the Tesladyne logo.
  • At 5336 pixels high, this is not only the largest comic strip in Warbot in Accounting, but the largest single page comic on the Nuklear Power website.
  • This comic is a JPEG, like the first ones and unlike the ones before it, which were PNGs.
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