Warbot in Accounting
Problem: depression. Solution: movie.
Problem: depression. Solution: movie.
Date Published Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
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It's important to learn early in the relationship which hobbies aren't good for the couple.

Cast Appearing[]

  • X-017
  • Sophia
  • Other movie-goers


  • Movie theater


Boy Daaad. I can't see the moooovie.
Father This is what happens when you put a Democrat in the White House.
(to X-017) Excuse me, but my son can't see the movie.
X-017 loudly retracts his gun arm.
Father You've got to be kidding me.
Sir? Sir!
Excuse me, but I didn't pay to not see the movie.
Sophia Y'know, maybe we should go. I heard this movie's dumb anyway.
X-017 gets up and begins to walk to the end of the aisle.
Person 1 Hey, c'mon!
Person 2 Down in front!
Person 3 I'm tryin' to watch the movie here!
Person 4 Oh God, my foot!
Person 5 AUGH!
Person 6 Sweet Jesus, Why!
Outside the theater, people with broken feet are being wheeled away.
Person 5 Oh God, oh God, it's hanging! Just hanging!
Paramedic ..."Never" is such a harsh word. Maybe it'll only be almost never walk again?
Sophia Um. You're a great guy and everything, but I don't think this is going to work out.
X-017 crushes his popcorn bucket.


  • The movie being watched is Atomic Robo. Accordingly, X-017's tie features the Tesladyne logo.
  • At 5336 pixels high, this is not only the largest comic strip in Warbot in Accounting, but the largest single page comic on the Nuklear Power website.
  • This comic is a JPEG, like the first ones and unlike the ones before it, which were PNGs.