Warbot in Accounting
It's a plane, not a bloody horse!
It's a plane, not a bloody horse!
Date Published Friday, June 12th, 2009
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Warbot takes up skydiving. So does a plane.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Park
  • Airport
  • Graveyard


In the park, X-017 tries to put on a pair of rollerblades, but ends up crushing them with his feet.
Kristin Okay. Rollerblading's not your thing.
But, hey, I've got a better idea. You'll love it.
Kristin calls Skydive 101 on her mobile phone.
Kristin It's early, I bet we can-oh, hi. Yeah, I'd like to make a reservation? For two, please.
Cut to the airport. Various skydivers board a light plane.
Pilot Okay, guys, mount up!
Kristin Woo! You're gonna love this, X-17!
Everyone boards the plane and it takes off. However...
Pilot Pull up, pull up!
We're too heavy!
The Plane falls out of the sky and crashes heavily into the ground.
Cut to a graveyard, where Kristin's funeral is taking place. X-017 is silhouetted in the distance, quite a way from the other grievers.