Warbot in Accounting
What a happy comic.
What a happy comic.
The Yutani Account
Date Published Tuesday July 7th
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X-017, depressed, attempts suicide.

Cast Appearing[]

  • X-017
  • Blond Man
  • Balding Man




X-017 stares at the message he wrote. The day passes by and he crumples up the old messages and stares at a new one he just made.

More drafts are crumpled up and around the desk. As the day passes they increase. X-017 picks up his newest message and looks at it.

X-017 stands on the edge of Weyland's roof. Cut to the office where two of X-017's coworkers are talking.
Blond Man Warbot, did you finally finish that…Did he show up today?
Balding Man We need that report for the Yutani Account.
The Balding Man picks up X-017's message
Blond Man You got something there?
X-017 tilts closer to the edge
The message says "NO LOVE" in messy handwriting.
The roof is empty
Blond Man (While X-017 is falling) What's it mean?
Balding Man Maybe he took a sick day.
X-017 crashed in the ground and created a hole in the pavement. He looks around, and soon construction workers come to haul him out.

Warbot is back at his desk. The Blond Man walks over.
Blond Man Hey, Warbot. I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday.
Blond Man It was pretty crappy of you to skip work like that. You really threw the whole department under the bus.
X-017 does not reply.
Blond Man Everyone pretty much thinks you're a jerk.
Silence. Warbot looks down.


  • Along with the other Atomic Robo cameos in the comic series, there is an action figure of him on X-017's table, as well as the calendar from the third strip.
  • The Yutani account is a direct reference to Weyland-Yutani (with Weyland as the company's name), a fictional company in the Alien/Predator metaseries.