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Warbot 010
"We never had things like this in my day!"
Washing Machine
Date Published Tuesday August 25th 2009
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X-017 tries out volunteering.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Psychiatrist
  • X-017
  • Summer Oaks Staff Member
  • Several other volunteers
  • Several elderly people


  • Psychiatry
  • Summer Oaks Assisted Living


In a Psychiatry
Psychiatrist(writing on a note pad) It's clear to me that although you are surrounded by people, you feel isolated.
Pan out, revealing X-017 lying on a crushed couch.
PsychiatristLet's put you in a situation where real human contact is inevitable, even mandatory! Try volunteering. Say, at a homeless or, better yet, a retirement home.
Cut to Summer Oaks Assisted Living. A member of staff stands in front of a notice board speaking to volunteers.
Staff Member...and that's pretty much it. Just some conversation and comfort goes a long way.
Close-up of a list on the notice board.
Staff MemberOkay, I think we're ready! You've each been assigned a resident.
Just check the list and if you have any questions or concerns, I'm right here.
The staff member walks away as the volunteers look at the notice board.

X-017 looks at the notice board.

The volunteers start helping the elderly as X-017 stands on his own.

An elderly man in a wheelchair looks up at X-017.

Old ManJust a washing machine. Humphf.
Back to the Psychiatry. X-017 is lying down on the crushed couch again.
PsychiatristWell, he's completely off-base.
You're clearly more of a refrigerator.
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