Warbot in Accounting
Oh look a talking shirt!
Oh look a talking shirt!
The Tie
Date Published Wednesday December 2nd 2009
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X-017 wants a tie.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Weyland Accounting Cafeteria
  • Live and Let Tie


Three Weland Accounting Employees are around a table. The blond worker is wearing a tie with a piano design.
Bespectacled Worker Wow, that is a really clever tie.
Blond Worker That's what they tell me!
Cut to X-017, who is on another table.
Female Worker (out of frame) Must be a fantastic ice breaker.
Bespectacled Worker (out of frame) You see someone wearing a tie like that, and you're just drawn to them.
Close up of the blond worker's piano tie.
Blond Worker It's funny how something so tiny...
Close up of X-017's plain tie.
Blond Worker ...can have such a huge impact on how people react to you
X-017 walks into the Live and Let Tie shop.
Tie-dresser Our finest selection of novelty ties. These are handcrafted by Parisian monks who dedicate their entire lives to tie-smithing.
The tie-dresser shows X-017 a range of different tie designs: a car, a tankard of beer, a hot dog and an ice cream cornet. X-017 looks down in disinterest.
Tie-dresser I see.
There is one final tie I would like to show you.
The tie-dresser takes X-017 into a darkened room. there is a locked box on an elevated stand.
Tie-dresser We don't do this for everyone, but you are clearly a customer of refined taste.
The tie-dresser opens the box, showing a tie with a fish design on it. X-017's "eye" lights up.
Back in the Weyland Accounting cafeteria, X-017 is at a table wearing his new tie. The same three employers walk in and gaze at something...
Blond Worker It's beautiful.
Female Worker I can't believe it.
Bespectacled Worker Me neither...
Close-up of X-017's fish tie.
Cut to the new coffee machine, which the workers were actually looking at. The machine looks almost like Warbot.
Bespectacled Worker I can't believe they finally got us a decent coffee machine!
Female Worker My life has been a waste until today.
Blond Worker Technology is so great!
X-017 walks towards the excited employees.
Blond Worker (out of frame) Everyone loves efficient machines that do exactly what they're designed to do!
Bespectacled Worker It's about to percolate!
The female worker hands X-017 her mobile phone.
Female Worker Oh, Warbot! I'm glad you're here. Could you take our picture?
Cut to an email newsletter, showing a picture of the coffee machine and the three workers. The sub-heading reads: