Warbot in Accounting
"That checkerboard had it coming"
"That checkerboard had it coming"
Date Published Wednesday February 3rd 2010
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Still a washing machine.

Cast Appearing[]

  • X-017
  • Mr.Hughs, the cranky elderly person from Episode 10
  • Summer Oaks Staff Member
  • Several other volunteers
  • More elderly people
  • X-017's blonde boss
  • Another Weyland Accounting employee


  • Summer Oaks Assisted Living
  • Weyland Accounting, Warbot's desk


A shot outside Summer Oaks Assisted Living
Cut to the inside, Warbot is standing outside the doorway to cranky Mr.Hughs' room.
Old Man Hughs (zoom up to Mr.Hughs) Still a a washing machine! Humphf.
Mr.Hughs' wheels himself away as Warbot stands there, eye looking downward.
Cut to the bald Summer Oaks' staff member pining papers to a notice board. Warbot is next to them, still looking downward.
Staff Member Yeah, old Mr.Hughs is a tough nut to crack. Not a day goes by he doesn't snap at someone on staff. He's just lonely. It's sad, really.
Summer Oaks' staff member turns around and Warbot looks up.
Staff Member Try playing a game. That'll take his mind off being abusive. If someone could get through to him, it'd really improve the quality of his life.

It's not healthy to be that angry all the time.

The scene shifts to Summer Oaks' rec room. Warbot and Mr.Hughs are sitting at a checkers table as an elderly woman is using a walker in the background.
Old Man Hughs Well! It's your go!
Old Man Hughs (zoom up to Warbot staring intently at the board as Mr.Hughs is talking) Drag me out here. And for what!
Old Man Hughs (zoom up to Warbot's arm slowly moving across the checkers board as Mr.Hughs is talking) Coulda stared at me in my room. It wasn't cold in there.
X-017's arm smashes through the checkers table.
Old Man Hughs (looking dourly down at the bits of table that landed in his lab) At least a real washing machine would have been good for something.
Warbot stares.
The scene pans out at it looks like Warbot is staring at another checkers table as volunteers in the background look to be heading out.
It is now dark and Warbot continues to stare at the checkers table. His head lights shine on it as he moves his right arm forward.
A new day has dawned and it looks like a volunteer is pushing a smiling old man in a wheelchair along in the background. X-017's arm has almost reached the checkers table at this point.
The scene shifts to the Weyland Accounting firm, Warbot's desk. Stacks of paper litter his desk, Post-it notes are attached to his computer monitor, his Atomic Robo figure is nearby, and a GIR picture adorns the wall. Two other people are inside, a generic blonde man and a generic man in glasses passing by
Blond Man (arms crossed, eyes annoyed) Where is he?
Blond Man Vince, have you seen Warbot today?
Vince I dunno, maybe he's in the bathroom?
Blond Man (glaring, arms still crossed) The bathroom.
Vince (turning around, shrugging) Well I dunno.
Blond Man (turning to stare at the mess on the desk) Old man Ferguson's been on my ass ever since Warbot botched the Yutani account.
You'd think something like that would serve as a wake up call, but his work's only gotten sloppier since then!
Blond Man (glaring, arms re-crossed) And, let me tell you, I'm not the one who's going to take the fall here.
Vince Could you rephrase that in the form of a dramatic statement?
Blond Man (zoom close, he's pointing out of the panel) I don't think Warbot has much of a future in accounting.
Back in Summer Oaks, X-017 has finally managed to successfully pick up something tiny and frail without causing wanton destruction; the checker piece.