Warbot in Accounting
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
The All-Nighter
Date Published Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Warbot tries to help a friend.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Blond Worker
  • Mr. James
  • Secretary (voice only)
  • Mr. Ferguson
  • Security guard and some random workers
  • Mr. James's family
  • X-017
  • Mangled remains of X-017's son.


  • Weyland Accounting
  • Outside
  • X-017's house


Blond Worker C'mon, how bad can it be?
Mr. James It's due tomorrow.
Blond Worker Jesus, James. You had a month to put this report together.
Mr. James I know. I know!
Blond Worker Well, my advice to you is to stop talking to me and put something togehter
Mr. James I know.
Blond Worker This is the kind of thing that people get fired for.
Mr. James I know!
Blond Worker Especially after Warbot dropped the Yutani Account.
Mr. James You're not helping!
James works frantically to put the report together as employees start leaving the office. Day turns to night, and he falls asleep.
Mr. James ZZZ
However, it is soon daytime.
Secretary Mr. James? Mr. Ferguson will see you now.
Mr. James Wh-what? Dammit, it's morning!
Mr. James The report, the report. Where the hell is it?!
Mr. James Uh, yes. I'll be right there. I'm just, uh, y'know, printing it out right now. We were out of ink and--
Secretary Mr. Ferguson already has your report.
Mr. James I must have…Did I finish it?
Uh, yes. I'll be right there!
James tidies himself up in the bathroom.
Mr. Ferguson Please, sit down.
Mr. James Thank you, Mr. Ferguson.
Mr. Ferguson I'd like to talk about this report.
Mr. Ferguson (Displaying a bunch of crumpled papers) Can you explain this to me?
James looks crestfallen.
Mr. Ferguson I'm curious, Mr. James, what were we paying you to do for this past month?
Mr. James I, I, I…
Mr. Ferguson I would have rather you turned nothing in at all!
Mr. Ferguson We expect better out of our employees, Mr. James. And I expect you to clean out your desk. You're fired.
Mr. James is escorted out of Weyland Accounting by a security guard as other workers look in awe. He then sits on a bus stop in the rain. A newspaper is later shown, claiming that Mr. James, his wife, and his two children are dead from a murder-suicide. Next, Warbot is shown reading the paper.
Warbot watches the earlier conversation.
Blond Worker Especially after Warbot dropped the Yutani Account.
Mr. James You're not helping!
Warbot looks on at Mr. James as he sleeps.
Mr. James ZZZ
Warbot stares at Mr. James's report, and then picks it up, crushing it due to his heavy grabber-arm. He attempts to work on the rest of it and then rams it to the inbox of Mr. Ferguson by morning.
Cut back to Warbot at home. He takes the newspaper and throws it on his "child".
Warbot's Child DAD…DYYYYY…
Warbot then looks on silently.


  • Zack appears in Weyland Accounting when Mr. James is packing his bags.
  • GIR from Invader Zim decorates one of Warbot's shelves.