Warbot in Accounting
Merry Christmas...
Merry Christmas...
The Christmas Party
Date Published Monday, January 3, 2011
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Warbot comes to a Christmas party uninvited.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Weyland Accounting
  • X-017's house


Warbot is in his cubicle.
Brian Woooo!
Zack Yaaaay!
Brian Ahahaah!
Zack No! No you didn't!
Brian You know I did!
Warbot peeks over the doorway to see what's going on.
Zack Bull!
Brian Well, ok, maybe a little.
Zack Ha! Knew it!
Warbot walks over to them.
Zack Hahahaaah!
Brian Haha--oh, uh.
Zack Oh, hey, Warbot.
Brian I didn't know you were invited.
Zack Why wouldn't he be invited?
Brian Dude, robots don't celebrate Christmas.
Zack No? Oh, crap.
Did I just do a racism?
Brian Racism?
Brian Man, no. You're overreacting. You can't offend Warbot.
He's just an ugly box of metal filled with gears.

It's not racist or hate speech or anything you'd have to do an HR sensitivity seminar for.
Zack Thank God.
Bespectacled worker What's he doing here? I thought robots didn't do Christmas.
Scott They don't?
Brian Of course not. They don't have feelings and no one loves them anyway.
Scott (scratches beard) Really...?
We see a shabby looking Christmas tree with a few ornaments and a lightbulb on top, and a stocking with X-017's name written on it.
Scott In that case...
Scott ...Better get back to work, Warbot.
Warbot looks down while the rest of the staff enjoy themselves.
Warbot returns to his cubicle, looking on.
Back at his house, the stocking falls to the ground.


  • Scott's cameo is a reference to his recent blog post in which he and his brother wore beards.