X-017 and its creators

Warbot in Accounting is a webcomic written by Brian Clevinger and drawn by Zack Finfrock. It is a spin of the archetypical comics set in an office. The main character is X-017, a Warbot who was originally a weapon of mass destruction, however after disarmnant and rehabilitation it found a job at Weyland Accounting. Although X-017 is cognizant he is unable to speak or perform human motor functions. Due to this it has trouble meeting the expectations of its job or of normal human interaction. This leads to X-017 usually being the center of disaster or dislike.

Neither Brian nor Zack knows what they will do with it, and originally it was expected to be updated once a week or fortnight until "the internet cries out for [them] to stop". However, Warbot is currently updated very sporadically, as Zack has focused most of his energy into his upcoming webshow, Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter.

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