Wayside Creations logo.

Wayside Creations is an independent filmmaking production company situated in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Vincent Talenti and Zack Finfrock, the company specializes in online media and television commercials. The company grew from its roots in 2010 after Finfrock won a competition from in which they were looking for a new host for its DIY filmmaking series, Backyard FX. The show was then managed by the company itself.

The company does mostly live-action shorts to present its specialty and craft, but the one short that had been given notice was Fallout: Nuka Break, which became a runaway success due to its subject matter and the combined efforts of Brian Clevinger and Zack.


Prominent staff include:

  • Vincent Talenti - Co-Founder, CEO, Film Director
  • Zack Finfrock - Co-Founder, Creative Director
  • Cameron Diskin - Chief Operating Officer
  • Tybee Diskin - Chairman of the Board
  • Aaron Giles - Chief Legal Officer

The company employs various writers, directors, and producers with "several years of film industry experience".


  • Backyard FX, a DIY filmmaking show hosted by Zack, presented by Indymogul.
  • Mad Monster Lab, a DIY filmmaking show also hosted by Zack, focusing on grotesque special effects.
  • By The Wayside, a series of short films.
  • Fallout: Nuka Break
  • Various commercials for Doritos and Trend Micro